About Us

Giti Azar Eurasia Saina Co. began its activities to promote provision and production of health and beauty products in 2012.

The goal of this organization is to provide and produce high quality cosmetic products with the help of local craftsmen and the slogan of globalization of Iranian products, as well as expansion of localized cosmetic culture throughout our country.

Giti azar Eurasia Saina Co. is proud to produce and supply Grace branded products that, according to domestic experts, are able to compete with similar foreign products, which represents the competitive growth of this brand.

The stages of production and presentation of the Grace brand have started using theknowledge of domestic specialists and inventors over years of research and investigation. After 7 years of work in the cosmetics and sanitary field and obtaining the necessary licenses from the general directorate of monitoring and evaluation of food products, cosmetics and sanitary, this organization could expand its activities to produce and market Grace, Bavaria, Zymenko, Gas, Dasoza, and Cadena brands. We believe that beauty is the essence of every Iranian woman and in this regard our task is to make this feature more manifested.

We believe that beauty is the intrinsic qualities of every Iranian lady and, in this regard, we know that we will make this feature more apparent in this direction.

Selection of honors:

1. Obtaining membership license of the association of corporate executive of knowledge-based centers – 2016.

2. Obtaining a statue from the festival of appreciation of knowledge-based companies of the country- November 2016

3. Attending international exhibition of Iran beauty at Tehran international exhibition center in 2017 & 2018

4. Obtaining acknowledgement certificate from twenty-fifth international exhibition and associated machineries in the currency division in South Korea

5. Obtaining best booth management from twenty-fifth international exhibition of detergents and sanitary and cellulosic material of cosmetic machineries.