liquid foundation SPF 30 :

  • even, matte and natural finish.
  • with no oil trace on the skin (oil free)
  • containing UVA and UVB filters with SPF 30.
  • high concentration, long-wearing without creating any lines.
  • nourishing and moisturizing the skin .
  • enriched with vitamin E to nourish and soften the skin.
  • not clogging any pores and resistant to perspiration.

Gray powder cream with a very light formulation gives you the best coverage, in addition to hydrating and moisturizing, and has a very long life span.

This foundation has a very creamy and soft texture, applies very easily on the skin and gives the face a soft and even look. UVA and UVB protective filters with SPF30 are another feature of this foundation. Vitamin E has been used in the formula of this foundation which helps the skin’s nourishment, moisturizing and rejuvenation. Being a long-lasting foundation along with resistance to water makes this foundation an excellent choice. It is suitable for all skin types, especially normal to dry skin. Grace foundation with an ultra-light texture gives you the best coverage, bedsides that, it is hydrating and moisturizing as well as long-lasting.