Grace Contact lens:

  • In 38 different and attractive colors that give your eyes a dazzling look.
  • Grace Contact lens contains 42% water, this helps to eliminate the feeling of the presence of contact lenses in your eyes.
  • Grace Contact lens places easily on the cornea of the eye, so after a few minutes you will not feel them in your eyes.
  • It has the standards of Ce0l20 and ISO14385 and GMP.
  • 1Tony lenses are placed naturally and simply in the eyes.

Terms and duration of using the lens:

  • After each use of the lens, replace the lens container solution and rinse the lens with a special and safe lens wash solution.
  • Every three months, replace an opened lens solution container, and also use a new lens container.
  • When going to sleep, be sure to remove lenses from your eyes.

Key points for using Grace lenses:

  • Before using the lens, be sure to rinse it with a suitable lens solution.
  • Remove any eye makeup before using the lens.
  • Wash your hands and face with water and non-aromatic soap and let it air-dry, or dry using towels with no lint (Do not use towels and paper towels with lint)
  • Position the lens on the middle finger or index finger, so that you use the left hand for the right eye and vice versa, and the edge of the lens is completely upward.
  • Be sure to remove the contact lens from your eyes while using hair dryer.
  • Avoid the touch from the tips of your nails or sharp objects to the edges of the lens when placing it in the eye, so that you do not rupture the lens.